Every business, including online companies, needs to provide an environment where customers feel comfortable and confident making purchases. SSL certificates are important because they help to build customer trust. When your customers trust you, they will be loyal and return to your business.

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ensure that customers have a secure connection. This security is denoted by a green lock or bar in browsers. A broken lock or a red bar will appear when a site is not secure. SSLs benefit users and websites by protecting all exchanged information. It works like a lock and key, securing the connection between a server and a browser.

Security Levels

There are three different security levels available.

  • The top tier is designed for retailers, banks, etc. because they have high security over their customers’ passwords, credit and debit cards, and money services like PayPal.
  • The second tier is great security for sites that for personal information, usernames, and passwords without dealing with money. This level depicts a green lock and says “SECURE.”
  • Basic certification is perfect for personal sites, like blogs or informational company websites that don’t process payments.

Huge Movement Towards Increased Security

Google’s been trying to protect users by telling them when a site didn’t have an SSL, but there were still some sites that slipped under the radar. As of July 2018, all HTTP sites will be marked “not secure” to coincide with the release of Chrome 68. When your site has an SSL certificate, there will be an HTTPS before your URL.

Google has been offering ranking incentives for companies that encrypt their sites with HTTPS for almost four years. The SSL encryption is so important that Google has been rewarding companies by adding a factor in the ranking algorithm that just looked at a site’s URL; if there was an HTTPS before the URL, the site ranked positively on that factor. Since then:

  • 80% of top sites on the web use HTTPS
  • 68% growth in Chrome traffic protection for Windows and Android
  • 78% growth in Chrome traffic protection for Chrome OS and Mac

Make the Best Choice for Your Business

Good news! If your site already has an SSL, you don’t need to worry. If you haven’t gotten a certificate for your site yet, Turn The Page Oregon has you covered. We offer a conversion package that will encrypt your website one time and annually renew to maintain your SSL.

There is still a month before Google begins their crackdown. Sites without SSL certificate run the risk of losing new visitors, leads, and possibly sales. Call our dedicated support team today to convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS today!

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