Some of the biggest online advertising factors often come down to the fine details. You want to draw your audience in with a bold call-to-action or you may lose customers to a more refined brand.  The biggest influences on whether your audience will flee from your product can come from something as simple as the experience the consumer has while on your landing page. There are several ways you can create a clear call-to-action, and promote the right message, which will result in higher conversions and a great ROI for your business.

How to Create a Conversion-Friendly Landing Page

Stay Specific to Your Mission

Your landing page should broadcast a specific goal with one customized sales pitch. Customers often become overwhelmed with numerous topics splattered across a landing page because business owners think that customers need to see everything they have to offer. Consider where the lead comes from and what they do. Customer identity and keywords go hand in hand. Providing a landing page that matches your customers’ searches will get you visitors and lead to conversions.

Allow your Customers to Opt-In

Use a form fill to build an email list. This will also let you address specific client needs when you reach out for your initial consult. Ask simple questions like their name, phone number, email, and a question or comment box that will let you better understand your customers’ demands.

Don’t Skip the Technical Bit

Steer clear of complications like landing page redirects. Google catches on when they see that you have more than one redirect from the given URL that the user clicks on to the final landing page address. Maybe your site has moved, or you may want to secure the information and switch your users from HTTP to HTTPs rendering landing page redirects necessary. In most cases, however, redirects can be avoided. There may be problems like hyperlink inconsistencies or device-specific versions your site (i.e. a different site for mobile users). These changes cause delays with page rendering, leaving an undesirable multi-device experience for your customer.

Show Testimony for Your Work

Displaying social proof is one of the best ways to show credibility and develop trust right off the bat with new users on your page. You can do this by displaying positive feedback and testimonials from real customers and providing links to your business’ social media pages on your landing page. This will fight off skepticism while building trust in your business. Help customers feel confident in providing their information to you in your form fill.

Clean Design That’s Easy to Glimpse

Stick with a simplistic layout that delivers a clear message and allows your user to scan your page without clutter or distraction. One key is remembering to limit your graphics. Tools like images and whiteboard videos are fantastic for complimenting your landing page. However, you don’t want visual clutter to leave readers distracted and cause a slower loading time. A slower loading speed can lead to a drastic drop in conversions. Keep things neat and clean to keep customers engaged.

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