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Let me guess – Your small business has been struggling with producing real results from using social media. Am I right? Don’t feel bad, because most small business owners experience the same problem with social media marketing every day. The reason is simple: You’re an expert in the products and services provided by your business but the fact is you’re not in the business of social media marketing. Many are under the impression that anyone can be successful with social media marketing, but in truth without the understanding of a social media expert, you might be wasting your time.

Just like being a world famous brain surgeon does not qualify you to swap out engines in your car, simply becoming a business owner does not magically grant you the highly targeted skills required for social-media management. Turn The Page is your local Oregon social media expert, and we can help you achieve measurable results through strategic social media planning.

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Does Your Social Media Stink?

All business owners and CEO’s have at some point been told – “You need social-media for your business.” In fact, every single business, including yours, already has a social online presence whether you know it or not! If you’re not marketing on places like Facebook or Twitter, consumers don’t think “Oh, They just haven’t started their social media yet.” No, they just think your social online presence flat out stinks – because it does.

When the lights suddenly went out in the Superdome for over a half-hour during the Superbowl, Oreo designed & implemented the “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark” campaign on Twitter within a matter of minutes. A single tweet through social media that outperformed the SuperBowl commercial they had invested millions of dollars in proves that social media advertising has a huge impact on businesses.

Customers Expect Social Media From You

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Every business owner knows that they need to be tapping into social-media marketing. Statistics show that a staggering 90% of companies today use social media as an important tool for growing their customer base but the question is: how do they do it?

More importantly, how can your business do it successfully, efficiently and cost effectively? Should your social media marketing involve Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest? Maybe you need to be involved in all of them or maybe only 3 of them are a perfect fit for your business.

These critical business decisions require expert social media evaluations. TTP Online Marketing makes it easy for you and provides comprehensive social media options designed to complement your unique business brand and marketing strategy. Listed below are some of our options.

  • Dedicated Social Media Account Manager
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Customized Social Media Reporting

Let our experts help you utilize social media to engage your customers.

Engage Potential Customers with Social Media

Managing or hiring an employee to manage social media is time consuming and inefficient in general. When the experts at TTP manage your social media , you will benefit from having your online presence clearly defined and promoted. Your brand will be prominent across the major social platforms with engaged users. This engagement will be monetized using targeted and strategic campaigns. At TTP Online Marketing we can help your business succeed with:


Give your business the personal touch that your customers demand. We generate and moderate conversations, manage customer relationships, and build data-rich social profiles.

Reputation Management

Monitoring your reputation online is critical. Your brand is defined by social interactions online. Understanding what your customers are saying will assist in the growth of your brand.

ROI Measurement

Analyze and report metrics for all social media platforms providing easy understanding of ROI and Engagement.

Don’t get Left Behind

The Digital Age is upon us and you can either run from it or embrace it. We suggest you embrace it and use social media advertising as a tool to help your business excel. You know you need the best social-media for business to thrive and we can help you with that. Allow the social media experts at TTP to develop your prominence and social media engagement across a range of social networks and you will become known as a brand leader in your field.

Get Started Today

Call us at (971) 200-1670 today and find out how affordable and effective social media optimization can be. Let our experts help you prosper in the digital age with social media advertising.

Tony and I have been very happy with the level of service Seth and his team at Turn the Page have provided us. We have been working with them for two years now and have learned a lot about our business from our monthly phone calls to review analytics and review how to maximize our marketing dollars. We have also been able to provide feedback and suggestions to help enhance our website look and increase our visibility. We believe owners need to take a proactive role in their marketing efforts and having a business partner like Turn the Page has been a great collaboration and partnership.

Tony and Theresa Oliver- Santa Fe Springs, CA

I find that TTP is driving significant demand to my two labs via my web presence. In addition to the search engine optimization that I have grown to trust, I appreciate the social media tips and tools they are helping me implement. I have confidence that TTP is actively improving my wen visibility and performance and that I gain a significant return on the investment. I especially appreciate Seth's efforts and his patient explanation of the web statistics that TTP tracks for me.

David Robinson owner Lafayette and Colorado Springs, CO

I highly recommend TTP’s ability to help focus on the Google Ad Words that will make your phone ring and bring customers in your door. Seth has really helped us grow our business over the past year.

Barb Faith, ARCpoint Labs of Portland