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SEM From Turn The Page

Digital marketing isn’t the future, it’s now! Potential customers are increasingly turning to the internet to find the businesses they want to connect with, so search engine marketing is a must for anyone who wants to stay competitive.

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is an extremely effective aspect of digital marketing that will help to grow your business. At Turn The Page Oregon, we understand how to succeed in an increasingly competitive digital marketing world. With millions of businesses joining the internet and many vying for your customer base, it’s never been more critical to optimize your digital footprint. SEM, as it is generally agreed upon, is the combination of all of the different aspects of digital marketing that center around the major search engines. At Turn The Page Oregon, we are an online marketing agency skilled at integrating the two prominent components of SEMSEO and PPC.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEM

Our Oregon SEO strategists understand how outstanding SEO SEM helps increase traffic. By improving keyword ranking and search engine visibility, we can help generate more leads for your website. Combining onsite optimization, local listing (link to listing page) verification, and technical SEO is an excellent way to improve your search engine marketing. At Turn The Page Oregon, our expert strategists work for results to improve your business. We have the tools and resources not only to produce an effective SEO strategy but also to monitor and continue to improve it. Our digital marketing ad agency is tailored to help Oregon businesses rank in top search results through SEO SEM.

Our SEO Services

Our SEO team is comprised of expert strategists, all trained on how to utilize Google’s 200 ranking factors to help your business compete for first-page placement. With proven keyword strategy, site speed reports, consistent training on the newest trends, and mobile-conscious web development, we have the tools to improve your organic traffic and leads. Our diverse SEO services including the following:

  • monthly on-page optimization
  • national directory and local business listings optimization
  • monitoring of Google Analytics
  • local trackable phone numbers
  • professional blog postings
  • online news releases


Latest SEO Trends

Just as an example of what our strategists are keeping up on, things can change as quickly in the world of search engine marketing as they do everywhere else. One of the hottest SEO trends of 2019 is mobile-first indexing. More people are using their phones as their main – or only – browsing device and Google has taken note, looking at the mobile version of your website when considering rankings. Another important change has been the recognition of the importance of high-quality content on your website. What are some other SEM trends we have noticed? Those paying attention to search engine marketing have seen how there have been increases in voice search, especially due to the increase in home assistants like the Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa device. Amazon in general is changing the way SEM is performed because of how ever-present it has become. Other factors that have changed SEM are things like artificial intelligence, interactive content, and live videos. Looking into the next decade you can expect more automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as better audience targeting and an increase in the value of PPC.

Pay Per Click Advertising — PPC

PPC, or Pay Per Click, is an online marketing option provided by search engines for SEM. It is based on an auction system where competing vendors can create ads that target beneficial keywords. By choosing to bid on a keyword, ads will be displayed based on a number of factors. The main consideration for the search engines is the size of a bid. Higher bids have a better chance of gaining the #1 position. Most paid advertising is done on Google because they control about 88% of the search market. Our Digital Division PPC specialists are a Google Premier Partner, laser-focused on ROI and are extremely cautious with your money.

Jump Start Your Search Engine Marketing Today

Looking to improve and grow your business? Search engine marketing is the way to go! SEM is a combination of digital marketing services that revolves around huge search engines. It is effective and beneficial for your company. To find out how effective and affordable SEM can be, give our Oregon ad agency a call today at (971) 200-1670.